You mean I’ve been speaking prose and didn’t know it?!

Hello. News, in case you’re interested: I’ve started a new book. But it’ll be a mixed bag: poetry (both prose and free verse), short-short prose, both fiction and non-fiction, etc. I don’t know what all is going to be in it, but I’ve got a good start. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of the writing so far because I’m going to try to publish parts of it piecemeal, and if I’m at all successful, then I’ll put it together and do all that “publishing a book” stuff I’ll need to do. But I’m pleased with the work so far, and can say that it’s all parts of the south and eastern parts of the country, and it has a wide span of time. I’m really having a good time doing it, and feel that the work is exciting. I can share with you the epigram for it, that kind of captures the vision and spirit of what I want to do:    Your righteousness is like the strong mountains,/your justice like the great deep;/you save both man and beast, O LORD. (Psalm 36: 6) I do not have a working title for the work yet, but I’m not worried: I’ll have one once I get farther along with the writing. I’ve collecting material from all over the place. I came across an especially funny thing in the classifieds of a regional paper: “For Free: upright freezer. Runs great, doesn’t freeze. Arrange your own transport.”

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading–mostly fiction (both long and short), history, and poetry of all kinds.IMG_0061

Well, I know this is short, especially for me, but I just wanted to let you know.

Oh yeah. I’m finding a greater and greater interest in prose (hence the title of this blog). I was reading Eudora Welty’s little book, On Writing, and I was especially struck when she said that writing is something you do word by word: one word, find one word before it, and one word after it. You should be able to justify every word you use; if you can’t, get rid of it. As a poet, I know how true that is. And I knew it maybe less forcefully for prose. But I found, as I was working on a piece called “Prose Poem: Four Fragments,” how especially true that is. And over the course of my varied reading, I’m noticing all the different ways that can be done. There’s no formula, no algorithm. So I’m learning a lot, and since, as my Uncle Paul told me not too long ago that I am a life-long learner, that makes me very happy. I can hardly contain myself. Seriously.

And when I finally get read and written out, I do art. I’ve included a sample. It’s from a photo a friend of mine took in Arizona (you’ll notice I left of the “a” at the end of “Arizona.” I made my own modifications, and there you have it. It’s an amazing thing: just like when I’m writing, when I’m drawing, I am totally in the moment (with my tongue sticking out of the corner of my mouth like a five-year old). It’s very intense work, as is writing. But it triggers other parts of my brain than writing does. Anyway,

Until next time. Shalom.




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