A Writer’s Fiber of Being

Hello. I’ve been doing a little writing consulting, and enjoying it. One of the many requests for perusal that I had was a personal statement for a college application. Fortunately, the statement was well-stated, focused, interesting (not your usual run-of-the-mill personal statements), and clean. But then I had to help an older woman who has… Continue Reading

Some Random Thoughts About Things

Hello. This is not going to be my typical blog. Rather, it’s just a bunch of notes I’ve jotted down, things I’ve been thinking about as I go about my writer days. And reading days. And art days. Etc. I’ve been reading voraciously the works of Hilary Mantel. She’s amazing: sharp prose, great pacing, vivid insight… Continue Reading

Knoxville, TN

Hello. It’s been some time since I last blogged, but I’ve been traveling. I’m staying with some friends in Maryville, TN, a few miles south of Knoxville. Jim, Hannah and I have been in Knoxville several times: I just sit on a restaurant patio, and admire the buildings that are being redone (tastefully, I might… Continue Reading

So What Do I Think I’m Doing?

Hello. I’ve been reading and writing a ton over the last couple of weeks. I like historical fiction, so out of curiosity I picked up Julia Kristeva’s Teresa, My Love: An Imagined Life of the Saint of Avila. I thought it’d be interested: the Spanish Renaissance; the Spanish Inquisition; spirituality; religious culture. Well, I started… Continue Reading

A Garbage Omelet

I recently had brunch with a friend at one of my favorite hangouts, Gammon Coach House Bar and Grill, which happens to serve breakfast from11- 2 p.m. on the weekends. The “Garbage Omelet” is a four-egg monster with everything thrown into it; it’s delicious, but I can’t finish it, so I pack the rest home… Continue Reading

More Thoughts On Words

Hello. I’ve gotten some thoughtful and thought-raising responses to my last blog, of 15 May, “The Root of Things.” So I want to consider some more things about words–whether one or many. Two things, connected to one another, come to mind: translation, and how close the writer and the reader have to be if the… Continue Reading

To the Root of Things

Hello. I was thinking about the marvels of language, of words (as by now you know I do a lot), and I suddenly realized something, the logical next step from words as identity, as story. Here it is: either I’m onto something or I’m insane. One word–any single word–is a story. It establishes something, while… Continue Reading

(Necessary) Tools of the Trade

Hello. A friend and I were recently talking about why women shop and what they shop for. Shoes. Self-care items. Multiple shades and forms of makeup. Handbags. Tops. And all the sale stuff all the time. Inconceivable. But then, I realized I liked to shop, too. But there are only two kinds of stores at… Continue Reading